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Our Belief

At Jorgani, our belief is twofold. Firstly we can deliver brand names and deliver designer fashion brands at excellent value.

Secondly, we believe that giving is better than receiving, as we set aside ten per cent of our profit going to good causes.

Our Beginning

It all began with the passion to search and buy brand names at low-priced which drove us to start selling on eBay and a few years later we decided to have a step forward to Jorgani.com.

Jorgani originated in West London and has the vision to not only sell fashion brand names at eye-catching prices but also to create and produce its own designs.

Our Experience and Promise

The experience of selling at eBay and our impeccable record for the past six years is our promise and assurance that you can buy with confidence.

Jorgani will never sell you anything but what is on the description of the item with an option to return it if you are not 100% satisfied.

Click on the Feedback Profile image for full feedback.

Our Name

Jorgani’s name comes from the mixture of the names of the founder Jorge Giovanni.